Why Make?
The short answer to that question is because the geek shall inherit the world....obviously. But here are couple more perks.

  • 3D prints around you within minutes
  • Unbelievable prices
  • Access to machine shops around you
  • Make money off of your 3D printer


To utilize all that Make has to offer,

  1. Sign up for a Make account

  2. Login into Makeprint.xyz

  3. Upload your 3D file

  4. Enter print details

    • Dimensions
    • Preferred colors
    • Preferred infill density
    • Preferred material
    • Time constraint: Quality

  5. Select printer preferences

    • Nozzle diameter
    • Printer type
    • Heated plate
    • Plate dimensions

  6. Find matching printer near you

  7. Order Print

  8. Sit back, relax, sip some patron